Anthony Mrkonjic

My Pledge to Voters

Above all else I want to work with the people of Lower Sackville to craft policy and legislation that works for all of us. As your councillor, I will conduct my work for our community in an open, honest, and professional manner. I will work hard to improve our community. I will take your concerns seriously, I will act on those concerns, and I will follow up with results. 


My Story

I was raised in Lower Sackville. I attended Saint Mary’s University where I studied Criminology and Psychology. I have experience working in public service, security, and forestry. Most recently I have taken on the task of helping to operate the family business, located in Lower Sackville. In addition to my work experience, I have volunteer experience tutoring and mentoring underprivileged youth with Chebucto Connections - Pathways to Education. Through my volunteer, work, and lived experience, I have interacted extensively with members of our community. I have gained an understanding of the needs of our community and the challenges that we face. That is why I am running to be your Councillor, to serve the community of Lower Sackville and work for you.



  • Improve access to public transportation and alleviate rush hour congestion by working to improve the efficiency of bus services between Lower Sackville and Halifax.​



  • Work to improve access to affordable housing in Lower Sackville and Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) by working with community partners to build more affordable housing units.​

  •  Work to improve access to high quality, affordable, long term care facilities throughout Lower Sackville and HRM to address an aging population.  

  • Work to introduce a freeze on property tax increases until after we have recovered from Covid-19.  


Infrastructure and Recreation

  • Work to repair the crumbling curbs and sidewalks throughout Lower Sackville, with a specific focus on the older neighborhoods that have been neglected.

  • Improve public safety by working with community members to identify areas in need of crosswalks and sidewalks in Lower Sackville.

  • Work to implement traffic calming measures in high traffic neighborhoods to reduce noise pollution and improve public safety.  

  • Implement regular water quality testing in First Lake and find new ways to improve water quality.

  • Look for opportunities to create new green spaces and recreational areas in Lower Sackville and maintain existing ones.​

  • Work to get a Municipal dog park built in Lower Sackville.

  • Work to get the First Lake walking trail completed.


Business and Finance

  • Work to reduce the regulatory burden on small businesses in HRM to help promote the post Covid-19 era economic recovery.

  • Work to simplify the application process and shorten wait times for business permits and licenses.​ 

  • Return to a balanced budget within the next 4 years and reduce reliance on debt for public spending.

  • Look for new ways to improve the efficiency and reduce the expense of Municipal Government.


Social Development and Policing

  • Continue to promote good policing practices throughout HRM.

  • Work to improve access to mental health and addictions services.​



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